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Heart Supplements

There are different types of supplements. Some can help the muscles, bones and other parts of the body. Research has proven that some supplements are helpful in lowering cholesterol and improving blood pressure. These are some of the health conditions that are linked to cardio diseases. However, you should be very careful when taking these substances. Individuals who have heart conditions should consult a doctor before taking heart supplements. Otherwise, you should avoid treating your health condition with over-the-counter products. The following are the top heart supplements that you should consider.

Sterols and Stanols

You can get sterol and stanols form grains and nuts. Alliteratively you can take them as supplements. They are helpful in reducing the bad cholesterol from the body. You can also find them in other foods such as yogurts, orange juice and margarines. The recommended dosage of these supplements is 2 g per day.


Fiber is naturally found in vegetables, fruits, legumes, and grains. It is helpful in reducing the amount of cholesterol soaked from food by the body. You should take at least 25 grams of fiber on a daily basis. Fiber supplements include:fiber-broccoli

  • Methylcellulose
  • Calcium polycarbophil
  • Wheat grain

Individuals who are taking more fiber are advised to drink more fluids. The amount of fiber supplements should be increased slowly to prevent cramping.


Apart from making food taste delicious, garlic is known for lowering blood pressure slightly. It is also useful in reducing the risk associated with blood clots and build up of plagues in the arteries.

Green Tea

Its drink and extracts are useful in lowering triglycerides and LBL cholesterol. They are also helpful in raising HDL levels.

Fish oil

This oil is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil is useful in slashinfish oilg the levels of triglycerides-the unhealthy fats found in the blood. This oil is also effective in improving blood pressure especially in patients suffering from hypertension. Additionally, fish oil supplements are helpful in lowering the risks associated with stroke and heart attack.

Coenzyme Q10

This enzyme is produced naturally by the body but in small amounts. CoQ10 is also known as ubiquinol or ubiquinone. It is one of the useful supplements that help in lowering blood pressure. It can also be used along with other medications to make people feel good. In addition to this, this supplement is helpful in alleviating side effects of statins (cholesterol lowering drugs). It can also be used to relive the symptoms associated with muscle weakness and pain.…

Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Nowadays, green tea has become among the most widely used health beverages on earth.To properly determine the health benefits of green tea, we must take a look at what it really comes with. All kinds of tea carry catechins – an antioxidant present in plants. Freshly harvested tea leaves are composed of 30% catechins if you measure its dry weight. Due to the variation in processing, green tea is found to contain a lot more catechins than black tea. We can say that black tea is good for you but green tea is best.

1sd34Green tea contains Epigallocatechin otherwise known as EGCG which is said to be the most active catechins in green tea. Furthermore, it has caffeine even though in small amounts. There are many scientific studies that point out that green tea is good for your health but remember that most of these scientific studies are done in the lab. According to the National Institutes of Health or NHI, more ‘real world’ studies must be carried out to prove the effectiveness of green tea conclusively. Experts express that green tea is observed to be useful in treating various illnesses.

Health benefits

Green tea is regarded as beneficial to the heart

It’s observed to lessen hazards of coronary heart disease and stroke. Lowering cholesterol is also yet another thing that it could do. The FDA did not say yes to the move of tea producers to put the heart benefits of green tea in the packaging, nonetheless. Printing health promises on product labels is serious business and the Food and Drug Administration is naturally being careful.

Helps in cancer

The impacts of green tea in human beings with cancer have been extensively studied. The final results, however, seem to be contradictory. At the same time, the potency of green tea in dealing with cancer has been proven in numerous lab tests.

Weight loss

Weight loss is also one more thing that green tea can help you with. The different studies conducted to learn the impact of green tea on weight loss, nonetheless, are inconsistent. Some studies claim that green tea can help in dealing with diabetes. Once again, the outcomes of these scientific tests are not conclusive when it comes to people.

3e3rdsfYou must drink a minimum of 3 cups of tea every day to gain the most health benefits. Although not conclusively confirmed, it is said that adding milk to your green tea can stop the health benefits of green tea. Caffeine found in green tea may be transferred to breast milk and so expecting, and nursing mothers are urged not to drink green tea. You can find websites that explore natural remedies and you can uncover additional information regarding green tea on these websites.…

Choose The Right Skin Care Products

Healthy, beautiful skin is something many people strive for. We’re all born with gorgeous skin, but as we age it becomes necessary to put forth a little effort to maintain a glowing complexion. Luckily, there are lots of skin care products available for all ages and skin types. Choosing the right products can go a long way towards the great skin while choosing the wrong ones can cause complexion problems.

Things to consider

Skin type

wqsqwddsOne of the things you should think about when searching for the right products is your skin type. Everyone has a particular skin type. Some of us have dry, oily or a combination of the two. Dry and oily skin types are simple enough to recognize. Dry skin often suffers from flaky patches and sometimes sensitivity, while oily skin is often shiny and acne-prone. Combination skin is often oily on the T-zone, which is the forehead, nose, and chin, with dryness on the rest of the face. There are no set rules for skin types, however. For example, some people suffer from dryness and breakouts, or skin that is oily and sensitive at the same time.


Your age affects the type products you choose. A teen suffering from acne, for example, would need different products than a 40-year old with adult acne. The young skin may benefit from a benzoyl peroxide cream to fight pimples, while more old skin would do better with a retinol treatment to fight both pimples and wrinkles at the same time. You should develop a basic skin care routine that you follow daily. This usually will include cleanser, toner, and moisturizer or acne cream depending on your skin type. Exfoliation is important also, but not recommended for every day. Night creams can work well for aging and old or dry skin. Once or twice a month, many people use a nurturing clay mask or microelectronics treatment to deep clean and clarify the skin.This is good but expensive

qwsefddSkin care products are available from many different companies at many different price ranges. There are drugstore and discount store products that are affordable and efficient for all kinds of skin care needs. Some people swear by department store goods and even those prescribed by a dermatologist. The best course of action when caring for your skin is to find products that work for you at a price you can afford. While this may involve a bit of trial and error, it is worth it!…